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Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a premium fitness experience for all levels of ability.


How we are different?

It all starts with our smart bikes, with an advanced Spivi system that tracks your workout. Your workout stats are projected on monitors in the studio and emailed to you after your workout. We also encourage youth to sign up to our convenient evening classes. We offer free towels, water and snack bars for all of our members. You can schedule right from your smartphone or computer using the CycleCity or Mind and Body app



Our highly qualified instructors will provide you with a first rate fitness experience. All our instructors are local, and are passionate about fitness and the community.



Personal Fitness Program - Book your next sessions


Book yourself for this exclusive program 

Core and Strength Training in a very small group.

Offered in 6 session packs running over a month

Sessions runs 4 times a week, you pick two


See Pricing Section for details