What makes Cycle City different from other cycling studios?
Cycle City is a boutique style studio that offers a luxurious, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Our classes are taught 
by best-in-class instructors in our state of the art studio where the lights go dim, the music is pumping and you experience
one of the most fun and effective high cardio, low impact exercises! We provide towel service, complimentary water, lockers and restrooms. 

It all starts with our smart bikes, with an advanced Spivi system that tracks your workout. Your workout stats are projected 
on monitors in the studio and emailed to you after your workout. Our Spivi system is compatible with ANT+ HR or Polar H7 BLE heart rate monitors

We also encourage youth to sign up to our convenient evening or weekend classes.

We want you to feel empowered and strong both physically and mentally when you leave our studio!

Do I need previous cycling experience to participate in Cycle City classes?

No, you do not need previous cycling experience. Cycle City welcomes beginners with open arms. Our Coaches are trained and qualified to teach beginners as well as experienced cyclists. We require riders to be five feet tall and at least twelve years of age. 

Does Cycle City have lockers?

Yes, we have lockers where you can store your belongings safely.

Does Cycle City have showers and offer childcare?

Unfortunately we do not offer a childcare service and our locker room does not include showers. However, we provide fresh towels and have both men and women’s restrooms with basic toileteries

Do I have to bring my own water? Will I have access to refills?

We provide water for all of our guests but please get your own water bottles. If you forget your bottle we sell them at the front desk for $2 each. We also have complimentary snack bars.

Can I ride if I am pregnant?

Cycling is a popular form of exercise for pregnant women because cycling is a low impact cardio workout. However if you are pregnant, it is important to consult your doctor before participating in Cycle City classes.

Do I need to own spinning shoes to participate in Cycle City classes and what about clothing?

We recommend that you purchase your own pair of cycling shoes because they are designed to provide specific support for your feet while cycling. However, we do not mind if you wear other athletic footwear.
We suggest either bike pants or shorts or tighter fighting workout pants. Please avoid loose fitting pants as they may get in the way.

How old do I have to be to become a member at cycle city

You must be 12 or older to become a member. Between the ages of 12 and 16, you must be accompanied by an adult to attend a fitness session.

How do I schedule a Cycle City class?  Should I sign up ahead of time and what if you need to cancel a class or we need to cancel one.

You can schedule all of your Cycle City classes in advance by downloading our app Cycle City or online through our website cyclecityma.com
We ask that you book your classes by 8 PM prior to the day of the class so that we can reserve your bike ahead of time as classes tend to fill up. If a scheduled class does not have more than two members registered for the class, we reserve the right to cancel the class. Cancellations will be notified by email.
If you need to cancel, please give us an 8 hour notice or you will be charged for the class against your package. SORRY!! 


How do I pay for my classes or membership at Cycle City?

You can create an account and pay online via the app Cycle City or online cyclecityma.com


How can  I enjoy cycling and  experience City Cycle?

We are offering a complimentary class or a 4 ride special for $39 limited to new riders, so you can experience the benefits of Spinning at Cycle City.


Can I book and pay for individual sessions or do I need to commit to a City Cycle membership?

You can book each class individually. We offer group packages and also a monthly membership. We would love to create a custom package for your corporate,club.  Just ask. 


What are pricing options for me?

We offer either a complimentary class or a 4 classes for $39 dollar package for new clients. Existing clients can 
pick from 1 class for $21, 10 classes for $160, 20 classes for $280  or a monthly unlimited pass for $99. We offer
students (upto age 21 with a valid student id) a $79 monthly unlimited package